Service Product Development

Increase Your Sales & Revenues; Improve Your Bottom Line

Creative Ideas Marketing helps clients bring “ideas” for new services to life

Creative Ideas Marketing helps companies adapt and extend business service offers, find new sources of revenue and bring “ideas” for new services* to life – increase your sales and revenues; Improve your bottom line through new or revitalized services.

Extending your range of service products can lead to increased sales from your existing customers, and open the doors of opportunity to new markets - improving your revenue and improving the use of your existing resource. Often, particularly in companies with technical or engineering resource there is spare capacity or the potential for a new service concept - and therefore an opportunity to maximize revenue, improved customer service, and improved business potential.

Creative Ideas Marketing guides clients through the process of understanding who your customers are, what your customers want (and why) and works with you to make sure you have the people, process and infrastructures in place so you can deliver to meet (and exceed) your customer expectation. We then map out your tactical marketing plan and embed the right messages into your external and internal marketing communications to ensure your offer is understood, valued and therefore purchased by your customers.

Benefits of Professional Service Product Development:

  • Service meets market need, is concept tested and supports the core business
  • Service is defined so customers understand, value, and therefore will buy the service
  • Service becomes more tangible so it can be charged for - something to be purchased
  • Internal sales, operational readiness and management capability are in place ready to respond to a pre-defined market opportunity.
  • Clear communication messages translate “features” into real customer business benefits
  • Service specific demand creation, promotion and marketing communication techniques are built into tactical marketing plans

Creative Ideas Marketing has consistently come up with new ideas for improving service revenue by helping companies develop, deliver and manage their service products - adding dollars to their bottom line and improving profit margins.

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*What is a service? A service is an action or deed that is performed not produced; a service is experienced and intangible - it cannot be seen, felt, tasted or touched; a service cannot be stocked; once performed, the service cannot be returned; and a service is highly dependent on the human element. (I.e. equipment maintenance, consultancy, education, telecommunication services).



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