Service Operations Improvement

Get the most Out of What You Already Have

Economic and environmental pressures squeezing your resources?  Your customers demanding more? Take a fresh look at what you do and how you do it. Open doors of opportunity by changing the way you deliver service to your customers.  Increase your revenues, reduce your costs and improve productivity!

• Improve use of resource - get more out of existing resource investment
• Do things smarter - save time, money, effort
• Increase customer satisfaction - do the things that are important to your customer

Creative Ideas Marketing can help you identify areas for improvement and innovation, and change the way you deliver service to your customers. We look at your internal and supplier processes to find ways of doing things smarter, faster, and save you money.

• Service delivery process review
• Supplier process reviews
• Sales and service engagement processes

Creative Ideas Marketing offers 20 years experience facilitating business improvements - providing inspiration and motivation during times of change.



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