Strategic Market Planning Case Studies

Providing Direction - Creating Business Growth

Case Study 1 – Strategic Marketing Roadmap

Woodbridge Management and Education Services, a not-for-profit business servicing the Charter School market sought help to answer its question:” What should we do to grow the business”? Woodbridge acknowledged it needed assistance with its “marketing” and engaged Griffioen Consulting Group to undertake a marketing diagnostics as a first step to planning its longer term future. Woodbridge also had a short term goal of acquiring another client within the following year.

Creative Ideas Marketing partnered with Griffioen Consulting Group and exceeded the brief by delivering a Strategic Marketing Roadmap in addition to providing a quick win action plan. The recommendations report outlined Woodbridge’s longer term marketing and communications strategy, and provided prioritized, quick-fix tactical recommendations.

Strategic Marketing Roadmap and Diagnostics Report provided a foundation for Woodbridge to plan its future direction to enable future business growth, and included:

  • Tactical Marketing Recommendations based on a mix of new and traditional marketing techniques for generating new business to address Woodbridge’s short and longer term marketing goals.
  • Service Development Concepts: A number of needs-driven service extensions, matching Woodbridge’s core competencies, were recommended, to respond to client changing needs.
  • New Market Opportunities: A short list of potential new markets was suggested for the purpose of business expansion.

Marketing Quick Fix Action Plan offered quick, inexpensive actions that Woodbridge could take to improve its image, client communications and presentation.

Market Messaging Quick Fix Action Plan provided a “palate” of new messages to use in Woodbridge’s communications, including its key strengths, differentiating factors and client benefits in order to build trust, gain confidence and convince clients that Woodbridge can successfully “deliver the promise”.

The recommendation report captured multiple perspectives of the company’s strengths and weaknesses; and the opportunities and threats it faced. Analysis of the research shaped the marketing strategy roadmap, tactical approaches Woodbridge should follow; and quick win recommendations on marketing / market messaging.

Case Study 2 - Strategic Marketing Communications Plan

IMS, a business and technology management firm based in Conn. and CA. knew it needed to market itself more effectively to achieve its business objectives to increase revenue and grow its client base. IMS also recognized that it lacked the time and in-house resource to provide the strategic focus that would achieve its business goals. Historically, IMS struggled to find the right marketing mix and also struggled, due to internal resource constraints to “stick with marketing”.

Creative Ideas Marketing partnered with Michigan based Markit Strategies and PR and conducted a market review of IMS’ current go-to-market strategy; identified, developed and documented IMS disciplined marketing plan; and outlined a marketing communications plan that would generate qualified client leads through business development and direct marketing activities.

The planning process included an “internal discovery” exercise in order to understand the “essence” of the client, who its customers are, and the value the client delivers to its customers. Creative Ideas presented a focused strategic marketing communications plan with several innovative approaches to helping the client extend its reach to market. Creative Ideas delivered “…a very comprehensive document, with a good grasp on IMS, and relevant recommendations.” – CEO, IMS Inc.

  • The plan provided focus – translated client business objectives into prioritized core marketing objectives with tactical initiatives mapped to achieve the highest business value.
  • The plan incorporated innovative approaches for generating new business matched against the client’s unique target market criteria and core competencies. “New thinking”, and non-traditional marketing approaches were applied to the 18 month tactical plan as a result of understanding the client’s unique attributes, and discovering untapped opportunities and interesting challenges during the discovery process.
  • The internal discovery, validated against customer and partner perceptions established the foundation for key market messaging / value proposition / key differentiators. Results: The true value of the client can be articulated, increasing awareness of client service delivery capabilities and improving the client’s ability to increase service sales.
  • The “plan” is the foundation for future business growth and helps bind IMS’ personnel in common thinking and actions providing cohesiveness to marketing that had been lacking.



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